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Pianoluce Washable 3 Layer Cotton Mask Indigo P10002

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All of our products, which are produced under the name of Kadın Büyük Size Kadın Giyim, are carefully produced for you by using original design, quality rope and fabrics. Please pay attention to the Washing Instructions for the use and maintenance of our product to have a long life.



  • Product Content: 100% Cotton

  • Changeable And Adjustable Tire

  • Washable textile mask is for accessory purpose and should be used with a medical protective mask.

  • Hand or machine washable. It can be ironed. Dry Cleaning is not available. No bleach is used.

  • Machine Wash: You can wash in the Cotton setting at 40 or 60 degrees. Do not use any product other than laundry detergent during washing.

  • Never use bleach or similar materials during washing.

  • Except if the product you purchased is faulty, no return or change can be made on masks for hygiene reasons.

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