Warranty and Return Conditions
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Delivery and Returns

You can exchange or return the product you purchased by applying to pianoluce.com within 14 days from the day you receive it from cargo, under the following conditions. In this context, you do not pay any "shipping fee" for the products you send back. In order for your counter-paid cargo to be accepted, it is obligatory to send it with the contracted cargo of our company, otherwise shipments made with other cargo companies will not be accepted. (Shipping Free change is valid only once)

The promotional and promotional products of the product you are returning, given as gifts, must also be returned at the same time.

If partial refunds break the terms of the campaign in the product purchases that are made in the form of a campaign (For example, in the campaign pay half of the basket for 300 TL and above shopping, you will pay 150 TL according to the campaign when you buy 3 products for 100 TL each. In such campaigns, the customer can only use the right to change or request money by returning all of the products.) No refund is made, but a refund can be made if all of the products are returned.

Products whose right of withdrawal cannot be used are as follows:
Products that cannot be returned due to their nature,
Products whose prices are determined in the stock market or other organized markets,
Products prepared in line with the consumer's wishes or clearly his personal needs,
Periodicals such as newspapers and magazines,
Products that deteriorate rapidly or are likely to expire,
Printed products (Book, etc.)

In order for the purchased products to be returned within the "Right of Withdrawal", the original box of the purchased product and its packaging must not be damaged, the invoice and all complementary accessories must be sent undamaged and complete with the product. If not sent, the refund request will be rejected.

The product to be exchanged has not been used and must be sent with its original packaging.
The use of the right of withdrawal depends on the condition that the package of the product is not opened, spoiled and the product has not been used: