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About Us


Founded in 1992, the company IŞIKER entered the market by marketing various apparel products. In the first years, the company met almost all of the products it marketed from Istanbul, and in the meantime, it has outsourced the underwear products under the registered brand name BİRSE from manufacturers in Istanbul. In the last quarter of 1993, it established its own production facility and started to produce BIRSE branded underwear products within its own structure. After this date, the company IŞIKER, which has added new brands to its structure, has also accelerated its branding efforts. It has reached a considerable market share in large size with its brands PianoLuce and Lir. Our company, which brings its brands to consumers at approximately 620 points throughout Turkey, also delivers its own brands to the Russian, American and Israeli markets through distributors. With the latest developments in Turkey and in the world, our company has aimed to reach customers where it cannot reach by marketing its products on the internet as of 2011. As of 2019, it started to provide e-export to more than 200 countries and started to serve consumers directly over the internet. Aiming at 100% customer satisfaction, our company has adopted the principle of delivering high quality products to its customers at the most affordable prices.

Brands of IŞIKER Company:

1. Birse (1992): Underwear (Women, Men, Kids), Pajamas (Women, Men)
2. Piano Luce (2005): Free Size Women's Sportswear, Blouse, Sports Trousers (Size range 36-60)
3. Ecobaby (2008): Organic Baby Wear
4. Lir (2011): Free Size Women's Outerwear Size 36-60 (Dress, Sport Evening Dress, Blouse, Trousers, Tunic etc.)
5. Schık (2012): Women's Clothing (Free Size (36-60), Causal, Slimming Corset, Special Underwear, Evening Dress, Street Fashion etc.)